How it works

As you can imagine, we like simple!  So here is how it works:

Step 1:  First, identify and purchase the best package for your organization.  You will be purchasing the product at wholesale costs with a generous profit built in for you.

Step 2:  Schedule your live video Skype session so that we can do our sales rally with your young team.  We will teach your team about the product and company (it's an inspiring story, that they will learn greatly from), we will help them set their personal sales goals, and help them design their marketing plan.

Step 3:  The team sells the Pure Organic Maple Syrup at a suggested retail price of $24/quart raises money for the team and learns a lot in the process. Your team will have the product with them to sell on the spot!

Our goal is that it is fun for you and your team and everyone learns lots along the way!

It's that simple!!